HENNE Or Natural Art on your skin…

Natural Art on your skin :

Better, more safety, and cheaper than chemical products…


Some women do it until in some very intimate places of their body,

Because the Henne,

Made from the leaves of the henne tree;

A tree known as hygienic and lucky charm;

is benefic for their skin and hair;

Lucky charm; and gives them lucky chances;

The same for men,;for skin and hair…

So, better than synthetic products,

Use Henne for your skin and your beauty Art…




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Quietness life and little cities:

Quietness life and little cities:

Connected with all of the world; administration, high schools, work, business, sports, hobbies… but in your small village, with wood houses, solar energy, babies playing together just in the gardens; sons of dogs, cheeps, cows, songs of birds, ducks in lacks… greens threes, legumes, fruits, flower colors, and smells give you the season you are…

The schools are near the houses, the mothers are happy, the fathers are free, they don’t need two hours every day just to transport their sons between the living and the schools;

The energy is solar, so you never forget to pay your electricity, and never have a power cut;

Your car doesn’t need any fuel, because it’s solar too, and so you never run out of gas;

Your vegetable plot garden gives you special fresh and natural eating you like;

Never again you will be late because of traffic jam or because the bus was late, or because of bad weather;

Old people who can’t go out in the night, will not have to wait for their needs until the day after no more, because the home connection allows them to command and to have anything they need at anytime, day and night;

And with so surprisingly easy acts, the same easiness is allowed to young people too, to children at home, gays, girls…the webcams, I-phones, allow parents to see their children playing in the garden of home, while they are walking inside a supermarket, or visiting an office or administration, some family, some friends…

It’s not a dream, as the Beatles said; it’s just a beautiful world we are going to…



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The most ecologic way of transport…your bike:

The bike is certainly the most ecologic way of transport nowadays; the best for your health, for your money, for the environment; and to live the beautiful sights and to admire the smart landscapes in your way…

The last times, the Chinese, leaders in the construction and the use of the bicycles, had a genius idea to cheer on using bikes and to make it easier and more practical; they integrated the ultramodern technology- the magnetic cards – with the ultra-classical – the bicycles, with creating many bike-rent-places in the cities; where everyone with his magnetic card could hire a bicycle to go where he likes, and put it down in the nearest bike-rent-place; when paying, , the magnetic card will give the times of the departure and the arrival;

Will some innovative business men work the concept in Europe and anywhere; with bicycles and electric cars?

It will be ecological; there will be less or no more traffic jam; and it will be no more necessary to by a car for everyone; because everyone could hire some bicycle or some electrical car with few money, to go where he likes or needs and when he likes or needs…

With small cities, the concept could easily be realized…



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Ecology and Small cities…

A city is like a home; generally when it’s not too big, it’s easier to maintain, to decorate, and to make it happy to live in;

And nowadays, thanks to the human evolution, and the surprisingly easy international communication allowed by the web, for everything you need in your life; you can live together with the entire world, without leaving your sweet home, apart for travelling;

So, the too big cities, industrial and administration concentrations…

…are not necessary; you can live modernity, quite and happy; in your farm or sweet nice home…

The giant cities …

…will have no reason to exist, to born; and you will have no need to move, neither to work nor to contact an administration;

With the web…

…really a new world is born;

And the question now is, how to manage this new way of life, to make all people of the world friends and happy…



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Green life and little cities:

Little cities are beautiful, quite, and easy to live; everyone knows all the people of the city;

But the big cities make the life hard, with noise, and stress; the one feels to be strange in his native city;

During the last century, the most of the work opportunities were concentrated in the big cities; and for the most of the administration paper people need, they had to go to the big cities;

But now, with the miraculous web opportunity, people could stay in their little villages and live happy; because they can have information, addresses, works, studies; they can buy and sell, they can talk to people in other countries; they can get married or have friends; they can read, listen music, watch films…

They can have their needs without leaving their sweet homes;

In Morocco for example, they started to build new cities in the regions where the little villages began to grow; that’s way they give the inhabitants of these little villages, the most of the opportunities they had to look for in the big cities before;

last century, the industrial strategy was based on local staffs, materials, administration, workers, products…because the cost of the communication across the roads and seas were very high;

But now, with the web, the logistic as a new way to manage the communication between all the services of a company; and the cloud computing as the ultra modern way to manage the communication between all the administrations, firms, companies; the world is near a big changing;

An historical evolution; a new world is born…



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Movies Jet Ski in Saidia-beach

Copy and past the url to wach jet ski is in Saidia beach…



In spite that jet ski and other beach sports are new activities in Saidia, you can see that the public, and especially the young public, is very interested to assist and to play the different sports and activities existing in the city beach;

However, there is a financial problem, and especially for the young public, because the prices for the hire vehicles are expensive for the local citizen; 20 Euros and more for few time: 15 or 20 minutes,

Maybe with new clubs and associations, some solutions will be found to make it easier and cheaper…


More movies: running across sand and water


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Yes, as you know , in Morocco you have mountains, deserts, sea and ocean

Le championnat marocain de jet- 

Jet ski in Morocco


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