Welcome to Oujda :




Here are the beginnings of the story; and some photos of  the thousand-year-old city,

Oujda is the capital of the oriental region of Morrocco.

60km to the north, is Saidia, one of the best beachs and marinas of the mediterrannee, and nador, al houssaima, tetouan, tanger…

60km to the south is the beginning of the sahara: berguem, figuig, errachidia, ouarzazat, marrakech, agadir…

The west direction is the way to the centre region of morocco, layoun, taourirt, guercif, taza, fes…

And The east direction is the way to the orient  and centre of africa.

At the beginning Oujda was an oasis at the crossroads of trading caravans, coming from sahara and afrique, from orient, north and west.

At 994, Ziri Ben Attia built the city wich became the capital of the country.


Some places to see in the city;

*the old medina

*lalla aicha’s park

*Lalla myriam’s museum

*Essebti’s house:Dar Essebti (the house of the Sebti) that means the owner was from SEBTA = CEUTA near Tanger.

This beautiful house was built in 1932 by Si Abdelhadi Sebti wich was in the beginning of the 20th century one of the most important wholesale dealers in oujda and morrocco.

He had the double nationality, morroccan and English nationality. that’s why he created the MCO, the first football club in Oujda in 1946.





To have more information ;

You have  juste to write to : oujdaservices@yahoo.fr



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