Best sights of Oujda and region in one day!

Oujda , Tafoughalt, Zegzel, Berkane, Saidia…

And back home to Oujda in one Beautiful Day…!

Oujda Travel

Oujda Travel

Eight o’clock in the morning, you are ready to get the car.

You take the way Taza-Fes, and about 20km, you turn on your right;

So you will arrive in few minutes to Tafoughalt:

9 O Clock you are there… 

Tafoughalt Travel

Tafoughalt Travel

“Taforalt, Morocco, is a small town that lies in mountains rising to 1500 meters. It includes several shops where people in the mountains people usually come to stock up. With its waterfalls (Zegzel) and hemp plantations, it is also a tourist attraction under development.
Tafoughalt is in the Oriental region in the province of Berkane
The municipality of Tafoughalt is about 30 km from Oujda, 10 km from Berkane, 40 km from Saidia.
The town Tafoughalt is attached to the Valley Zegzel that belongs to it; and makes it both an urban city and a rural town. ”


After nice time spent there ; you continue to Zegzel, to visit the Camel Cave…

Camel Cave - 1

Camel Cave – 1

You can stay there until midday;

Camel Cave - 2

Camel Cave – 2


Camel Cave - 3

Camel Cave – 3


After you continue to Berkane; an agro-city;

In particular, known for its Clementines and oranges;

exported to all continents in the world…




Automatically; you have seen the farms of Berkane

While coming from Zegzel;

And you see the village center while going

 To the other side to continue to Saidia Beach…




Less than 30 minutes,

And you are in one of the best marinas

On the Mediterranean…

15 km of non stop diamond sand… !

by the way it’s named the Blue Pearl…





Get  Fun

and enjoy your holidays 



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