Oujda Sunny Days have got back …!

 The Sun shining days of Oujda and Saidia Beach

Are here again…!



After a very cold autumn and winter; here are again the 30° hot days in Oujda;

So, if you don’t have yet the sunny warm days,

 You have just to take a plane and visit Oujda,

Saidia beach, one of the best on the Mediterranean;

And many other beautiful sites around the city: forests, caves, mountains…

But, may be you would like to know what’s new this year?

The new is that the infrastructure for travelers has been developed better and better;

The communication on air and ground;

Off line and on line;

This year there are more Taxis and cabs, busses, car rentals;

Hotels, holiday residences and the most of travelers needs.

So, if you dream about some sun shining days,

You have just to take a plane to Oujda Airport, and well Come

to Oujda and Sidia Beach !

And if before, you need some information to prepare your trip,

Just write to oujdaenglish…and happy holydays…!





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