On line work future…

 The future is promised a little cities life…and an on line working fare…

 No more need to migrate to big cities to earn one’s living! The future is promised for the freelance way of work, so, it’s time for everyone to join the freelance workers;

In some forums, blogs and sites, you can see that some people are yet asking:  is it really possible to earn a living on line?

There is no need to ask this old question anymore, the real question everyone has to ask in these times is: how could I transform my actual off line work, to an on line work?

Because it’s already a necessity for many kinds of works, and very soon it will be a necessity for everyone, especially in business, even for little business;

For example a baker who had no practical information about internet, commanded a little blog from a programmer to expose his baker’s store on line, just to be actual, as many storekeepers do; and then a face book registration, a linked in login…

His business mind added to the new technology tool he began to use gave him a brilliant idea: every day after midday, he used to tweet the promotions of the products he hasn’t sold all yet; and so, in the evening he has sold all the day products; and the day after, the clients are sure that all the products are new!

A very clever and useful idea which was just a result of the trying to be in the course of time, actual;

And also a very simple example to show you how

the use of the online work, will be really necessary for everyone;

So, don’t forget to think about how to use your actual off line work, in an on line work?


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