Quietness life and little cities:

Quietness life and little cities:

Connected with all of the world; administration, high schools, work, business, sports, hobbies… but in your small village, with wood houses, solar energy, babies playing together just in the gardens; sons of dogs, cheeps, cows, songs of birds, ducks in lacks… greens threes, legumes, fruits, flower colors, and smells give you the season you are…

The schools are near the houses, the mothers are happy, the fathers are free, they don’t need two hours every day just to transport their sons between the living and the schools;

The energy is solar, so you never forget to pay your electricity, and never have a power cut;

Your car doesn’t need any fuel, because it’s solar too, and so you never run out of gas;

Your vegetable plot garden gives you special fresh and natural eating you like;

Never again you will be late because of traffic jam or because the bus was late, or because of bad weather;

Old people who can’t go out in the night, will not have to wait for their needs until the day after no more, because the home connection allows them to command and to have anything they need at anytime, day and night;

And with so surprisingly easy acts, the same easiness is allowed to young people too, to children at home, gays, girls…the webcams, I-phones, allow parents to see their children playing in the garden of home, while they are walking inside a supermarket, or visiting an office or administration, some family, some friends…

It’s not a dream, as the Beatles said; it’s just a beautiful world we are going to…




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