The most ecologic way of transport…your bike:

The bike is certainly the most ecologic way of transport nowadays; the best for your health, for your money, for the environment; and to live the beautiful sights and to admire the smart landscapes in your way…

The last times, the Chinese, leaders in the construction and the use of the bicycles, had a genius idea to cheer on using bikes and to make it easier and more practical; they integrated the ultramodern technology- the magnetic cards – with the ultra-classical – the bicycles, with creating many bike-rent-places in the cities; where everyone with his magnetic card could hire a bicycle to go where he likes, and put it down in the nearest bike-rent-place; when paying, , the magnetic card will give the times of the departure and the arrival;

Will some innovative business men work the concept in Europe and anywhere; with bicycles and electric cars?

It will be ecological; there will be less or no more traffic jam; and it will be no more necessary to by a car for everyone; because everyone could hire some bicycle or some electrical car with few money, to go where he likes or needs and when he likes or needs…

With small cities, the concept could easily be realized…




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