Green life and little cities:

Little cities are beautiful, quite, and easy to live; everyone knows all the people of the city;

But the big cities make the life hard, with noise, and stress; the one feels to be strange in his native city;

During the last century, the most of the work opportunities were concentrated in the big cities; and for the most of the administration paper people need, they had to go to the big cities;

But now, with the miraculous web opportunity, people could stay in their little villages and live happy; because they can have information, addresses, works, studies; they can buy and sell, they can talk to people in other countries; they can get married or have friends; they can read, listen music, watch films…

They can have their needs without leaving their sweet homes;

In Morocco for example, they started to build new cities in the regions where the little villages began to grow; that’s way they give the inhabitants of these little villages, the most of the opportunities they had to look for in the big cities before;

last century, the industrial strategy was based on local staffs, materials, administration, workers, products…because the cost of the communication across the roads and seas were very high;

But now, with the web, the logistic as a new way to manage the communication between all the services of a company; and the cloud computing as the ultra modern way to manage the communication between all the administrations, firms, companies; the world is near a big changing;

An historical evolution; a new world is born…




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