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Oujda and the Hotels with swimming pools:

If you come to Oujda in the hot season,

between Mai to October;

Sure you would be happier to have a swimming pool,

in your residence or hotel;

So here are the biggest hotels,

with swimming pools in Oujda city:


The Atlas Terminus & Spa 5***** and suites :

Hotel Terminus-1

The Atlas Terminus & Spa is ideally located downtown, 15 minutes from the airport and near the train station.

The Atlas Terminus & Spa is a magnificent 5-star hotel ideally located in the heart of Oujda, close to all attractions, iconic locations and only 15 minutes from the airport.

Each suite offers luxury, comfort and modern amenities in a refined setting guaranteeing a quality rest time.

Guests can contact the spa before tasting the dishes to the card in one of the hotel restaurants. In addition, the personal, professional and attentive, is happy to offer its services, making each stay at the Atlas Terminus & Spa in Oujda an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Terminus-2


Atlas orient 4****

Hotel Atlas Orient-1

Completely renovated, the Atlas Orient Hotel welcomes you in the center of Oujda and invites you to discover new sensations in a lively area of Morocco. It is located 15 minutes drive from Oujda Airport and has a disco.

The hotel has 98 rooms and 7 comfortable and well appointed suites, all with modern furniture and a wide range of amenities such as satellite TV, air conditioning and a bathroom. All have an exotic Moroccan-inspired and a balcony overlooking the garden, pool or medina.

Surrounded by gardens and palm trees, the Atlas Orient also offers a large outdoor pool with sun loungers and parasols. Pizzas and snacks are served at the pool.

Hotel Atlas Orient-2


ibis Moussafir

Hotel Moussafir ibis-1

Hotel Moussafir ibis-1

The Ibis Moussafir Oujda hotel is located in the city center of Oujda, 5 minutes from the Medina, 100 m from the railway station and 12 km from the airport. The hotel has 74 air-conditioned rooms. You can also book 1 meeting room. A restaurant, a bar, snacks 24/24, a swimming pool, a terrace and public outdoor parking are available. You are 3 km from the golf course, 4 km from tennis courts and 45 minutes from the beach. Our friends animals are accepted.

Hotel Moussafir ibis-2

Hotel Moussafir ibis-2

Original architecture …


And when you have time; you can also go to Saidia beach;

Saidia Beach

Saidia Beach

Less than one hour by car on the free way…60km only…

And Happy Travels…!



How To Make Your Swimming Pool Sparkle 

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Best sights of Oujda and region in one day!

Oujda , Tafoughalt, Zegzel, Berkane, Saidia…

And back home to Oujda in one Beautiful Day…!

Oujda Travel

Oujda Travel

Eight o’clock in the morning, you are ready to get the car.

You take the way Taza-Fes, and about 20km, you turn on your right;

So you will arrive in few minutes to Tafoughalt:

9 O Clock you are there… 

Tafoughalt Travel

Tafoughalt Travel

“Taforalt, Morocco, is a small town that lies in mountains rising to 1500 meters. It includes several shops where people in the mountains people usually come to stock up. With its waterfalls (Zegzel) and hemp plantations, it is also a tourist attraction under development.
Tafoughalt is in the Oriental region in the province of Berkane
The municipality of Tafoughalt is about 30 km from Oujda, 10 km from Berkane, 40 km from Saidia.
The town Tafoughalt is attached to the Valley Zegzel that belongs to it; and makes it both an urban city and a rural town. ”


After nice time spent there ; you continue to Zegzel, to visit the Camel Cave…

Camel Cave - 1

Camel Cave – 1

You can stay there until midday;

Camel Cave - 2

Camel Cave – 2


Camel Cave - 3

Camel Cave – 3


After you continue to Berkane; an agro-city;

In particular, known for its Clementines and oranges;

exported to all continents in the world…




Automatically; you have seen the farms of Berkane

While coming from Zegzel;

And you see the village center while going

 To the other side to continue to Saidia Beach…




Less than 30 minutes,

And you are in one of the best marinas

On the Mediterranean…

15 km of non stop diamond sand… !

by the way it’s named the Blue Pearl…





Get  Fun

and enjoy your holidays 



Travelling Helps You to Protect Your Marriage



to know more…

Click Here!


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Oujda Sunny Days have got back …!

 The Sun shining days of Oujda and Saidia Beach

Are here again…!



After a very cold autumn and winter; here are again the 30° hot days in Oujda;

So, if you don’t have yet the sunny warm days,

 You have just to take a plane and visit Oujda,

Saidia beach, one of the best on the Mediterranean;

And many other beautiful sites around the city: forests, caves, mountains…

But, may be you would like to know what’s new this year?

The new is that the infrastructure for travelers has been developed better and better;

The communication on air and ground;

Off line and on line;

This year there are more Taxis and cabs, busses, car rentals;

Hotels, holiday residences and the most of travelers needs.

So, if you dream about some sun shining days,

You have just to take a plane to Oujda Airport, and well Come

to Oujda and Sidia Beach !

And if before, you need some information to prepare your trip,

Just write to oujdaenglish…and happy holydays…!




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To buy a real estate in three steps!

Real estate

 To buy a real estate in three steps!

 Real estate and the diversity of choice!

 Is it easy to buy a real estate?

 Most probably you still remember the teacher’s instructions: go back from the blackboard to see better what you are doing!

Those instructions are also good for everything needs choice which could have some heavy consequences, and so is the case of the real estate transactions;

Acheter vendre immobilier

Acheter vendre immobilier

So, are there any rules to respect to buy a house, an apartment, a store or any locale for business?

As in everything, the details could be infinite; but for the essential, you have to verify three principal points before any discussion about home or locale prices

Acheter vendre immobilier-1


First point: the situation

*If you buy to do business; a store, a factory…etc. Be sure the locale is in a business area, in the present times…and especially in the future too…So you have to know the tendency of the district market.

*If you buy with the idea to sale in the nearest future; the locale situation has to allow you to sale in acceptable terms and with some benefits; in the present times…and especially in the future too…So you have some information about the tendency of the area business.

*If you buy a home to live in, choice a suitable situation, some quiet district, in the present times…and especially in the future too…So you have to be reassured about the future changing in the district.

Acheter vendre immobilier-2

Second point: the neighbors

*If you buy to do business; a store, a factory…etc. Be sure the neighbors are cooperative, in the present times…and especially in the future too…So you have to know the tendency of the moving house in the district.

*If you buy with the idea to sale in the nearest future; in some cases you could need the agreement of the neighbors to buy for some business activity; in the present times…and especially in the future too…So you have some information about the neighbors opinions and characters

*If you buy a home to live in, verify that you will have nice neighbors; in the present times…and especially in the future too…So you have to be reassured that the nice neighbors won’t leave you the day after you’re arriving!

An old proverb says: choice the neighbor before to choice the home!

Take care not to live in a mill district…everyday some new arrivals!

Acheter vendre immobilier-3

Third point: the locale

*If you buy to do business; a store, a factory…etc. Be sure the locale is done for your business, even you could do some change.

*If you buy with the idea to sale in the nearest future; the locale has to allow the future buyers some various possibilities.

*If you buy a home to live in, choice the best for your faire…a very sweet home, because there you spend the best moments of your life…!


Vendre une maison rapidement :

Techniques et astuces d’un coach immobilier


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On line work future…

 The future is promised a little cities life…and an on line working fare…

 No more need to migrate to big cities to earn one’s living! The future is promised for the freelance way of work, so, it’s time for everyone to join the freelance workers;

In some forums, blogs and sites, you can see that some people are yet asking:  is it really possible to earn a living on line?

There is no need to ask this old question anymore, the real question everyone has to ask in these times is: how could I transform my actual off line work, to an on line work?

Because it’s already a necessity for many kinds of works, and very soon it will be a necessity for everyone, especially in business, even for little business;

For example a baker who had no practical information about internet, commanded a little blog from a programmer to expose his baker’s store on line, just to be actual, as many storekeepers do; and then a face book registration, a linked in login…

His business mind added to the new technology tool he began to use gave him a brilliant idea: every day after midday, he used to tweet the promotions of the products he hasn’t sold all yet; and so, in the evening he has sold all the day products; and the day after, the clients are sure that all the products are new!

A very clever and useful idea which was just a result of the trying to be in the course of time, actual;

And also a very simple example to show you how

the use of the online work, will be really necessary for everyone;

So, don’t forget to think about how to use your actual off line work, in an on line work?


Your comment is welcome


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Take it easy for your time…


To manage your time, you can …

Time Management Mistakes 

Use the easiest To-Do List, or better, do it your self

Work by steps

Prioritize the most important

Deadlines are there to be respected

Be Flexible with the less important to end the most important

Always keep your goals in your mind

Say “No.” when necessary

You need also to enjoy yourself sometime to have new energy…


Happy New Year …


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